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Writing as leonora, F. Della Notte keeps her paranormal stories separate from her mystery/thriller/suspense and crime series.



A Paranormal Tale of Devotion, Deceit and Murder. 

from the 2011 original novella, To Live and Die for Dance


Erica Riccio's passion for ballet burns brighter than a thousand suns, but her family's suffocating expectations threaten to snuff it out. Desperate to break free from their plans for her future in academia and law, Erica jumps at the chance to audition for the prestigious Romanova Ballet Conservatory. After she is accepted into the company by the enigmatic Alexandra Romanova, Erica soon realizes that the cutthroat world of ballet is not just about talent and hard work. The board of directors, Madame Alex's cunning companion, and even the ghost of Alexandra's murdered daughter all pose threats to Erica's dreams.

 With every plié and pirouette, Erica must navigate treacherous power struggles, family tension, and a the ghostly presence of Kamila Romanova, haunting the halls of the conservatory. As she fights for her place in the company and battles against those who seek to destroy it, Erica balances on the narrow pointe between success and disaster. One misstep, one wrong move could mean the end of her career – or worse, her life. Will she survive this intense dance of deadly factions, or will she become another tragic victim like Kamila before her?


Don't miss out on this thrilling tale of ambition, betrayal, and murder.

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