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“Descent Into Hell is a well-balanced character study with plenty of action, humor, and surprising turns, and a fiery, New York slice of life.” 

SPR Reviewer


"Fast-paced and super intense, you're in for a great read!"

5-Star Amazon review 

Descent Into Hell


Corona, New York, 1946. After fighting the Nazis in Europe, Francis Robert Sullivan, known to everyone as Buddy, believed he’d seen the worst men could do to each other, but he still believes in fighting for right.  Midway through the 20th century, Italians are still ridiculed, looked down upon, and unwelcome. Although half-Irish,  Buddy is devoted to his Italian mother’s heritage. He is determined to be a cop like his dead hero, Joe Petrosino, known as the Italian Sherlock Holmes, of the New York City Police Department, at the turn of the 20th century.

Filled with youthful idealism, Buddy is brought onto a special task force, working with the FBI, and led by Precinct Captain Michael Lewis. The team consists of Buddy, Darnell James, Steve Morgan, and Ryan O’Malley.

Their assignment—Go undercover to bust a crime ring smuggling diamonds, drugs, and guns into the country; that crime ring is centered in the Italian-American ghetto of Corona, New York. This is where Buddy lives. These are his beloved friends and neighbors. Buddy immediately finds himself on a collision course with Gaetano Maonzone, a dangerous criminal who has hatched a diabolical scheme, and despite his criminal activities, has gained a measure of loyalty from the community. Regardless, Buddy has no second thoughts about taking down an organization giving all Italians a bad name, until he discovers there is a woman standing between them: his sister, Lena. Now doing the right thing goes disastrously wrong. In this game, more than life and death are at stake. 

BOOK TWO THE MAFIA PRIEST - Can a man devoted to God overcome his heritage? Watch for it in 2022

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