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     Writing as F. Della Notte, or Leonora, Francine Paino has had a varied career. A graduate of the Mandl School College of Allied Health, Ms. Paino worked as a medical assistant until she retired to raise her children. While a stay-at-home mom, she completed a B.S. from Roger Williams University and earned an M.A. in American History from AMU.

     She was always a supporter of ballet and became involved with several notable dance schools and companies and was the business administrator for renowned Artistic Directors Ali Pourfarrokh, the late Kaleria Fedicheva, and Konstantin Uralsky.

     In the world of opera, Ms. Paino, AKA Notte, was a supporter of the Licia Albanese Puccini Foundation, which provides scholarships, study grants, and masterclasses for budding young artists, and faithfully attended their annual opera competition and gala.

      An Italian who happens to carry an American passport, a native New Yorker, and a happy Texas transplant, she loves melding the traditions of two cities, New York and Austin, and three cultural backgrounds and cooking traditions: Italian, American, and Texan.

Under their quasi-psychic cat, Miss Millie's watchful and benevolent control, Ms. Notte and her husband live in Austin, and when she's not writing, she's in the kitchen inventing or fusing Italian, American, and Texas dishes and adjusting them to incorporate the restrictions for Gluten-sensitive and Celiac sufferers. A cookbook is in her future.

     As F. Della Notte, she keeps her suspense/thriller crime and mystery novels separate from other works including her paranormal mysteries, which are found under the mysterious name of Leonora.


Contact:  for Paranormal, write LEONORA IN THE SUBJECT LINE


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